004 – Doug Belchamber from WPDevelopers and Beaver PopUps


This week The Beaver Dojo Podcast welcomes Doug Belchamber from WP Developers.

Doug is a prolific code ninja that takes Beaver Builder to the next level.  Having created WPD Beaver PopUps and WPD BB Additions as free plugins for the whole community he believes in giving back to the Beaver Builder community more than most.  Beaver PopUps allows the use of pop up modals across websites and is extremely flexible as well as well coded.

Episode Show Notes

  • Doug lives in ‘The Matrix’ and has a lot of cool hats [01:50]
  • Doug’s CRO company – Fuelled.io [02:40]
  • Are you a robot? [05:20]
  • Success for clients is all about the numbers [08:15]
  • What us mere mortals can tweak to improve our websites or those of our clients [09:25]
  • How Doug discovered Beaver Builder [11:25]
  • Why did Doug start WP Developers and our mutual love for domain collection [13:40]
  • Bare Naked Beaver [15:15]
  • Walking into the lion’s den as an advocate of Beaver Builder for developers [16:10]
  • Giving back to the Beaver Builder community with free plugins – WPD Additions & WPD Beaver Popups [20:15]
  • Pop Ups? Are they a good thing? [23:30]
  • What in the future excites Doug with Beaver Builder? [29:00]


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