003 – Kim Doyal from The WP Chick


This week The Beaver Dojo Podcast welcomes Kim Doyal from The WP Chick podcast.

Kim has been a member of the WordPress community for many years and falls on the marketing side of WP rather than the coding side and has seen has seen many changes in the community as well in her own business.  An advocate of content marketing, her podcast is a ‘must listen’ and she’s about to embark on video marketing with a cool YouTube channel called ‘Just Show Up.

Episode Show Notes

  • How did Kim get into WordPress? [04:00]
  • Adversity starts a journey [04:45]
  • Starting in Internet Marketing [05:50]
  • Did Kim buy ‘The Secret’ [07:25]
  • The WP Chick is ‘hatched’ [09:45]
  • Back to basics [11:20]
  • A mindset shift to ‘creating value’ [13:10]
  • Marketing is a dirty word in the WordPress community [13:45]
  • Impostor Syndrome with WordPress builds a team [15:50]
  • Building relationships [17:35]
  • Getting into podcasting [19:15]
  • ‘Just Show Up’ [21:40]
  • “Something Bigger I Was Supposed To Do With My Life” [26:10]
  • The Daily Email strategy [27:10]
  • Click Funnels and $30 million worth of gun oil [30:40]
  • “You need to care…” [32:50]
  • Kim’s new venture – Lead Surveys [33:45]
  • Foxy podcast names and branding [39:25]
  • The journey was worth it [41:55]
  • Having an overnight success takes years [45:25]
  • Kim’s coming to visit Ireland [46:55]
  • Taking action [51:15]
  • Copyblogger loses it’s way [51:55]
  • Be fresh and evolve [52:50]
  • Tell more stories and be personal [53:50]
  • ‘Just Show Up’ TV [59:15]
  • Stepping outside the ‘comfort zone’ like Amazon [63:45]
  • Have you got the ‘Dyson’ effect? [65:10]
  • Ryan Holiday Books [67:50]
  • Content’s not going anywhere [68:45]
  • Just do it and ‘pull the trigger’ and see something through [70:05]
  • Validate your ideas first and be prepared to ‘course correct’ [71:15]
  • Celebrate your journey [73:40]
  • Show up first and do the best with what you’ve got instead of seeking perfection [74:35]
  • Praising Beaver Builder [77:35]


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The WP Chick: https://thewpchick.com/

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Book Mention: James Dyson – Against All Odds

Book Mention: Ryan Holiday Book List

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