002 – Justin Busa from Beaver Builder


Episode Show Notes

In this episode The Beaver Dojo Podcast welcomes our second member of the ‘holy trinity’ of Beaver Builder, Justin Busa.

Justin is the ‘code ninja’ behind Beaver Builder and chat’s about the future of the company and also touches on the responsibility they feel for being guardians of the business’s of their clients.

  • What goes on in Justin Busa’s head? [03:00]
  • How Beaver Builder started as a hobby project [01:55]
  • Beaver Builder wasn’t Justin’s first attempt at creating a page builder plugin [02:50]
  • How Beaver Builder stood out from the crowd in the beginning [04:30]
  • What did the road map look like in the beginning? [05:30]
  • Who wants to edit headers and footers? [06:05]
  • Beaver Builder 2.0 and the UI [07:25]
  • Where do all the ideas come from? [08:10]
  • Is Justin messy or tidy? [09:45]
  • Who is Brent Jett? [10:30]
  • Beaver Themer – The 2nd launch [12:00]
  • What’s next for Beaver Builder? [13:50]
  • Beaver Builder 2.0 [14:00]
  • Who in the team is the ‘level headed’ one? [15:35]
  • Keeping an eye on the competition [20:25]
  • Beaver Builder custom modules and 3rd party addons [24:05]
  • Is the creative process work or fun? [26:40]
  • What is currently in development for Beaver Builder? [24:30]
  • The Beaver Builder Theme & Simon Prosser [28:50]
  • What does the future hold for Beaver Builder? [30:50]
  • Can you please all the people all the time? [33:00]
  • Could we have a ‘BeaverCon’ in 2018? [34:20]
  • Is there a possibility of a Beaver Builder WordCamp Europe drinking session? [34:45]


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Justins’s Twitter: @mrjustinbusa

Beaver Builder Twitter: @beaverbuilder

Brent Jett Twitter: @brentjett

Simon Prosser Twitter: @prossoruk

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