001 – Robby McCullough from Beaver Builder


Episode Show Notes

The Beaver Dojo Podcast welcomes one of the ‘holy trinity’ of Beaver Builder, Robby McCullough to be the very first guest on the podcast.

As always Robby was a great guest and really poured his heart out about the beginnings of Beaver Builder in a way that many might find surprising.


  • When did Beaver Builder start? [03:00]
  • Is using a page builder like Beaver Builder to build websites cheating? [11:35]
  • How was Beaver Builder launched? [12:55]
  • Can Dave make Robby cry? [18:45]
  • How the company nearly shut down and how the guys nearly went their separate ways [19:00]
  • “Beaver Builder was just 2 weeks from being scrapped…” [20:45]
  • What other names did they think of before deciding to call the page builder and theme ‘Beaver Builder’ [23:50]
  • What does success feel like? [28:40]
  • Has Beaver Builder made Robby famous? [30:35]
  • Does the Beaver Builder team feel a sense of satisfaction? [32:25]
  • How Beaver Builder has created an amazing community [34:45]


Episode Sponsor: Beaver Builder & Beaver Themer https://getbeaverbuilder.com/

Robby’s Twitter: @robbymccullough

Beaver Builder Twitter: @beaverbuilder

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  1. Geoffrey Gordon on September 5, 2017 at 8:34 am

    Hi Dave

    Nice start to your series. I have to say from my own side it was very heart warming and authentic.

    Beaver builder has been a massive blessing to my business, I was a hands on coder as well before beaver builder. After beaver builder came into our agency, our business has literally exploded. We average about 2 -3 jobs a month. We know have at least 10 to 15 at any given time that we are working on. Our income has basically quadrupled and the demand for our services increased.

    The product just keeps getting better and better. Like you said it’s a little unnatural but I am a diehard fan for a piece of software. I also tend to right click and see what the source code is built on. 🙂 I come from South Africa so my first purchase of $199 dollars for beaver builder pro was a big leap it’s a lot of money from where I come from. But the value in time saved, production increase, client happiness and ease of use makes it the single best investment I have made in my business. I always make sure I have enough dollars around on renewal periods as it is way too valuable to not have.

    Just a shout out to Robby, Justin and Billy (+ Brett for the new changes coming soon soo exiting). Bless you, guys for making such an amazing product, that has literally changed lives. And Dave thanks for the community that is so helpful and saved me hours of looking for answers to problems from time to time.

    I salute you guys. #respect

    • Dave on September 5, 2017 at 11:21 am

      Thanks Geoffrey

      Really appreciate the comment.


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